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The Forbidden Tower

Channeling and Energy Work For the Greater Good

The known universe
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This is a community for very specific types of people. These are people who question the universe and the way it works, who question the way the world (and especially America) is being run, who question the way that people do things and the traditions they have. This is a community of people who believe in a greater potential for individual people and humanity based on the beliefs that our minds are capable of great feats, that it is possible to manifest change in the world based on our thoughts and actions, and wish to expand and utilize their abilities in both a group environment and on an individual basis. This is a community of people who believe in personal responsibility and achieving social change locally and in small ways to affect the global community.

This community is for people who believe there is more than one way of looking at the world and universe, that there is more than one way towards educating our children and ourselves, that there is infinite potential in every person to grow out of contemporary restraints of thought and achieving greater wholeness and effectiveness as a person. Those who would seek to join the tower are likely to be people who truly wish to share whatever mental, spiritual, psychic, or reasoning powers they have with the group to affect change in the world. They would also be the kind of people who would create a dialogue about the variations and possibilities in our individual and world realities, who would seek truth by asking questions, offering theories or insights, and working to create as a group a viable model for alternative living.

People in the forbidden tower acknowledge their fears and limits and then work to overcome them in times of need; they are comfortable with their bodies and are sex-positive. They also find sanctuary in close-knit groups where anything can be shared or exchanged with ease, and enjoy connections with those people on all levels.

A desire for communal or group living is present, and the need to serve ourselves as well as our local and global communities is evident in all people who seek to join the tower.

We are those people who see the world from the viewpoint that all people have vast potential, that children are able to educate themselves by absorbing what they observe and by working within a community to create themselves as they grow, that people can continue to grow and expand as individuals, that everyone has the freedom to choose how they live and die, that "liberal" and "subversive" are good words, and that there is no one way to do, be, or live.

If the Forbidden Tower is one that appeals to you, please petition to join.

(Note: The name for this community came from Marion Zimmer Bradley's book The Forbidden Tower in the Darkover series, and this community is based loosely on some of the ideas posited in that book as well as many others. For further understanding, please refer to the recommended reading list.)
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